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  • 1. What is TrackWise?

    An intelligent cloud-based automation application for growing businesses to improve their operational efficiency. It manages a number of business processes to enhance the operational efficiency of a business organisation. It takes care of the core functions of a company, then gains insights from a multitude of business operations and helps in generating action items. It helps decision makers stay on top of the things and act fast.

    With TrackWise you can not only track the in-premise tasks but also the outdoor tasks like the sales tasks with ease. TrackWise has a state-of-the-art GPS based tracking and monitoring of your on field staff like sales executives, customer relationship managers, delivery van operators etc. TrackWise mobile app is specifically created to let employees become productive even on the fly.

  • 2. Why do you need TrackWise?

    Each business has its own goals and to achieve these set goals the business owners or decision makers have to be in command of a number of business functions. But as they grow it becomes very difficult and time consuming for them to review the status of the each and every business function separately. This results in unattended or ignored business processes that lead to poor operational efficiency and losses. TrackWise is an intelligent resource and operations management solution that automates and simplifies these aspects to reduce cost of operation and increase growth. It can manage multiple business operations like HRM, Tasks, Targets, expenses, Sales etc. It streamlines the processes and helps decision makers with accurate & timely data with action items. Good operational efficiency leads to consistent growth and profits.

  • 3. How TrackWise can be beneficial for my business?

    TrackWise can be beneficial for all types of businesses :

    • Its a single point solution that can help business owners streamline their business processes, manage their work flow and use their resources efficiently.
    • It enables complete automation of your business process and operations which saves time, enhances the operational efficiency and fetches positive results.
    • Automation of the business process and operations reduces operational cost and accumulates more profit for the business
    • Its an intelligent application that provides you insights about your business based on the data available which helps you find out the root cause of  less production.
    • TrackWise enables employees, teams and departments collaborate and communicate seamlessly helping them complete their tasks efficiently on time.
    • TrackWise can track indoor as well as outdoor activities of a business, which ensures complete control on human resource.
    • Tracking of sales teams ensures completion of sales targets.
    • Just in time information updates, alerts and notifications helps you take correct decisions on time.
  • 4. Other Salient Features
    • Highly customisable
    • Mange Multi Located Organisations
    • Localisation - set your currency, time-zone and financial year
    • Specially designed Mobile application for outdoor teams like sales teams
    • GPS Tracking
    • Automated Attendance
    • Automated Payroll Processing
    • Custom Reports
    • Easy to use User Interface
    • Cloud based i.e. TrackWise is hosted on Cloud which ensure high level of Data Security and Accessibility
    • Integration with other systems through APIs
    • On demand after sales support
    • Elaborated User Manual and How to use videos
  • 5. What other benefits do I get if I subscribe for TrackWise?

    If you subscribe for any of the paid plan of TrackWise before 1st April 2018, you will get following additional benefits free of cost:

    • Additional 1 month subscription of TrackWise (in case of yearly payment only)
    • Support of 24 Hrs (in case of yearly payment only)
    • 1 Custom Report
    • Training session of 2 hours if required
    • 5 page website for your business for an year
    • State-of-The-Art Flipping Digital Portfolio of your products for a month
  • 6. What payment methods are available if I want to subscribe?
  • 7. What challenges that TrackWise help me with?

    Growing business face a number of challenges that decide their success and growth overtime. Some are listed below:

    - Knowing what is going wrong with their business and how to correct that.
    - Consistently lead their company towards their goals taking corrective measures.
    - Bringing transparency in operations so decision makers know easily and effectively what is happening.
    - Managing daily operations efficiently.
    - Managing on field or sales staff.
    - Managing their overall workforce and deriving the best out of them.
    - Difficulty in retaining and motivating staff.
    - Late decision making.
    - No data or or lack of statistics on the basis of which they take informed business decisions.
    - Ensuring every activity contributes towards organisational goals.
    - Striking a better work and personal life balance since a lot of redundant tasks needs to be performed almost daily.

  • 8. Can we use TrackWise before buying? Is it free?

    TrackWise offers a completely free no obligation 30 days trial period. You are free to test it out and see how it can benefit your business. We encourage you to setup a call with our customer care so we can help you understand it's benefits specific to your business case. This would also ensure you are able to get the best out of it in quick time.

  • 9. How does the automated attendance process work?

    For automated attendance you need to install small in size Bluetooth signal broadcasting devices called Beacons on the entry and exit of your office premises. If the automated attendance is enabled in company configuration (entry and exit beacons also needed to be defined in configuration), an employee having TrackWise Mobile App installed in his/her mobile, when reaches near an entry beacon, will be automatically clocked in by the mobile application. Similarly when the employee reaches the exit beacon, he/she will be clocked out automatically.

  • 10. What features do I get in the mobile application of TrackWise?

    TrackWise mobile app is specially designed for the employees who are assigned outdoor tasks. So the mobile application includes following features:

    • Login and Logout
    • Dashboard which displays logged in employees Tasks, Leaves, Targets, Total hours Spent etc.
    • Employee Profile
    • Manual and Automated Clock In/Out
    • Leave Requests
    • View outdoor tasks on the Map
    • Task Status Updates with attachments
    • Target Achievement submission
    • Request Reimbursement of Expenses
    • Attendance History and Notices
  • 11. How can I see the current location of my sales team members on the map?

    Your sales team members must install Trackwise mobile application in their mobile phones to get tracked by the application. When they install, run and login in app their location tracking gets started automatically if GPS tracking is enabled in the configurations. Once the GPS tracking has started you can view their current location on the Dashboard in Live Tracking tab. Please also note that your employees also need to keep their GPS On in their mobile phones.

  • 12. How does automated payroll process works in TrackWise?
  • 13. I want to be transparent in awarding my employees for their good performance, how does TrackWise help me in doing that?
  • 14. Assigning a task to an idle and able resource is a time-consuming process, how can I quickly assign task to a correct individual of my team with TrackWise?
  • 15. Does TrackWise support localisation? How can I set my currency, time zone etc.?